Under 3s

The Cameragal Montessori Under 3s program is attended by the child with their carer or parents for one morning each week.
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The Montessori approach to children’s development from three to six years focuses on their individual needs at all levels.
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From the ages of six to twelve years children are much more social beings and the reasoning mind starts to really evolve.
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Give them the best start in life

All parents want their child to have a better education than they did. It’s a basic wish of every parent.

We believe that the first six years of a child’s life are the most important for learning. It’s where children absorb, develop and explore and it’s where attitudes and patterns of learning are formed that last a lifetime. We think you believe that too.

No other education captures the passion and sheer joy for learning the way a Montessori education does. Give your child the best start in life – at Cameragal Montessori School

We provide an under 3s program for children under three years old, preschool for three to six year old boys and girls, and primary school for six to nine year old boys and girls.

We provide an authentic Montessori environment, staffed by exceptional Montessori Directresses and assistants.

Montessori education explained on TV!

  • Mistakes bring us closer and make us better friends.

    Dr. Maria Montessori

2020 Cameragal Montessori School Annual Report