4 important reasons why you should enrol your child

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    1. By giving your child a Montessori education, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child’s early education is preparing them academically and socially for a lifetime of learning2.
    2. Your child will benefit from our approach which helps them become confident and self-motivated and gives them the best start in life.3.
    3. Our Teachers are exceptional. Spend 30 minutes with them and you will come away convinced that your child deserves a place at our school.
    4. Montessori is an ‘education for life’, this embraces all of life’s challenges, including the transition from a Montessori primary school to high school. A child who has been educated in a Montessori environment will have had many years of practice in working collaboratively, negotiating, leading, following and learning how to adapt and rely on themselves.

      This is a perfect preparation for life and provides maximum potential for your child to embrace their move to traditional schooling. In fact, all of the skills a child learns in their time in Montessori will assist them in high school, tertiary education, the workplace and throughout life.

      Montessori is more than the building blocks for later education, Montessori places heavy emphasis on learning for its own sake, developing knowledge and awareness of the word purely because it is incredible, fun and wonderful in and of itself.