Transition to Higher Learning

Transition to High School

The progression to high school involves a great degree of change for all primary school children. Children who have been educated in a Montessori school become accustomed to a way of operating in a classroom that is different to more conventional school classrooms so there may be some extra adjustments to make to the new environment.

Some examples of those changes include:

  • instead of self-directed learning, teachers will be dictating when and how they learn a subject
  • instead of being responsible and thinking for themselves, there will be a standard timetable to conform to
  • there will be fixed periods allocated to certain subjects, instead of being able to follow their interests as far as they may take them
  • instead of calling teachers by their first name, they will address them formally as “Mr” or “Ms”
  • they will need to ask permission to leave the room, to go to the bathroom or go to their bag for something
  • they will have assigned and compulsory homework

However Montessori children are particularly adaptable. Cameragal Montessori Primary plans on a programme for those going on to conventional high schools to help prepare them for their new school settings.


Skills learnt at Montessori however are those exact skills that are most needed to succeed and thrive at the university level:

  • Divergent thinking instead of convergent thinking
  • Creativity instead of standardisation
  • Independent learning and self discipline
  • Inspiration and discretion