Fiona Mackenzie

Posted 07 June 2022 in News

Formal Qualifications:

  • Royal Schools of Music Grade 8 practical piano 1974
  • Teaching Certificate NZ 1978
  • AMI Montessori Elementary (6-12 year olds) Teaching Diploma 2003
  • B.A. Communications UTS (Sound and Radio major) 1992
  • Masters in Creative Writing, UTS 2020
  • NESA Teacher Accreditation

How many years have you spent at Cameragal, and in education in general?

  • I’m in my 3rd year at Cameragal Montessori School – Cycle 3 classroom
  • 15 years Montessori East, Bondi 2004- 2018 – Cycle 3 classroom
  • 2 years Alexandria School, Sydney
  • 1 year Tutoring at UTS – technical assistance and tutorials
  • 5 years teaching in NZ I’ve spent about 25 years altogether in education and 6 or 7 years in closely related areas working with students.

What is the most rewarding part of teaching for you?

I love the interactions with students and being able to observe and guide their social and academic development, especially in the Montessori environment.

What drives you to be a better teacher?

  • My love of learning and the children’s enthusiasm for learning.
    My interest and training in the teaching of writing inspires me to inspire others to gain writing skills and ultimately a love of writing.

What do you most enjoy in your personal time?

I love having dinners with friends and family, spoiling my cat, playing the piano, swimming, cycling, body surfing and I surf on a board occasionally, just to prove I can still do it!