Julia Jeong

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Formal qualifications:

  • AMI 3-6 Diploma
  • AMI 3-6 Orientation Course
  • AMI 6-12 Orientation Course
  • Master of Teaching in Early Years
  • Bachelor of English Language and Literature with High school teacher qualification

How many years have you spent at Cameragal, and in education in general?

I joined Cameragal Montessori in 2021 and have worked in other Montessori centres in Sydney for ten years and in other educational settings in South Korea for seven years.

What is the most rewarding part of teaching for you?

I enjoy watching children gaining confidence and independence over time and developing day by day. I absolutely enjoy the fact that I am working as a part of this miraculous process.

What drives you to be a better teacher?

The trust from children and parents empowers me to be a better teacher.

What do you most enjoy in your personal time?

I enjoy yoga, personal development and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.