Trish Terrey

Posted 07 June 2022 in News

Formal qualifications:

  • Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary), Monash University
  • 6-12 Elementary Diploma, Association Montessori Internationale
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons), University of NSW

How many years have you spent at Cameragal, and in education in general?

  • 4 years at Cameragal (since 2018)
  • 14 years in education in general

What is the most rewarding part of teaching for you?

There are many rewarding elements to teaching and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of every child’s unique educational journey.

It’s hard to pin down just one, however, I love witnessing those precious sparks of curiosity that light up in children as they discover a new concept or connection. Being trusted with the great task of nurturing and tending to each of these sparks, encouraging children to explore further and embrace the challenges they will inevitably encounter on the way, is both an exciting and humbling journey. Often the light of their own curiosity and work will illuminate the path for their peers and when this happens, it is quite simply magical to observe.

What drives you to be a better teacher?

Children inspire me every day to keep learning, think differently and reflect more. What drives me to be a better teacher is always appreciating that our children are the most valuable key to the future of humanity and our world. They hold the promise of a peaceful, thriving and sustainable world and it is our responsibility as adults and educators to provide children with a nurturing environment that both honours their individual journeys and supports this promise.

Knowing that we have the means to model and cultivate an environment of respect, collaboration and compassion for each other is always motivating. We all thrive on connection and the shared experience. It’s what helps us grow as individuals and genuinely contribute to our community. I am always humbled by the thought that I can contribute to children living meaningful, fulfilled and happy lives.

What do you most enjoy in your personal time?

I cherish spending uninterrupted time with my family and friends. I also love going to museums, galleries and the theatre, travelling to new places, exercising regularly and spending time outdoors.